Dishonest Lancashire Magistrates Paul Brooks

Paul Brooks JP is the Chairman of the North West Blood bikes charity.  Paul Brooks is also a Lancashire Magistrate.  Magistrates must or are expected to conform to a Code of Conduct.  The code of conduct primary concern is HONESTY and INTEGRITY.  Unfortunately, Paul Brooks has shown he is neither honest of has integrity!  Paul Brooks is corrupt!

corrupt (kəˈrʌpt)
1. lacking in integrity; open to or involving bribery or other dishonest practices:


Ironically, Paul Brooks is also an ex Lancashire Police officer who has abused his contacts within Lancashire Police.

I will highlight a number of allegations that show that Paul Brooks, JP is in serious breach of this Judicial oath and that this raises serious concern as to the honesty and integrity of this vile man.

I have evidence of the following:

Paul Brooks, JP conspired to fabricate a false meeting with the NWBB Charity Committee.  He did this to intentionally to deceive the legal obligations of the North West Blood bike charity and the constitution. (see Evidence)

Not only that, but Lee Townsend, the vice chairman then fabricated false minutes of this meeting and distributed them to committee members. (See Evidence)

I have been provided with emails of the above allegations from an undisclosed source who is on the committee.  This person has agreed to give a statement if required against the corruption within this public funded charity.

Paul Brooks, JP, also distributed derogatory and defamatory comments about a volunteer to trustees and the committee of the charity.

Paul Brooks has also spread malicious gossip to trustees and committee members about a volunteer.

Paul Brooks has made extremely biased comments relating to police misconduct and sent emails proving this.

Is this the expected conduct of a UK Magistrate?

Taken from the Guide to Judicial Conduct:

Judges should strive to ensure that their conduct, both in and out of court, maintains and enhances the confidence of the public, the legal profession and litigants, in their personal impartiality and that of the judiciary.

The Judicial Conduct guide goes on to say:

Judges are expected to put the obligations of judicial office above their own personal interests.
In practical terms, this means that judges are expected to display:

  • Intellectual honesty
  • Respect for the law and observance of the law
  • Prudent management of financial affairs
  • Diligence and care in the discharge of judicial duties
  • Discretion in personal relationships, social contacts and activities

Paul Brooks has breached this at every juncture of his involvement in Charity issues. His conduct is despicable.




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