Telephone recording with Lee Townsend

This is a ‘snippet’ of a call with Lee Townsend.  Lee lied saying it was a ‘committee decision’ where Paul Brooks secret comments confirm that  by him saying ‘in his mind, we had a meeting by email‘ .  What Paul Brooks is saying is, we should have had a meeting but we didn’t and is trying to justify the lack of a meeting by informing the charity what he did rather than a discussion.  Paul Brooks, you LYING bastard!  There is NO WAY you can be a magistrate after this!!!

Lee Townsend is also compulsive liar for saying there was a meeting and then fabricating the fake minutes.  Other elements of this recorded call are retained as evidence for the relative authorities.


This is the first email Paul Brooks the Magistrate sent to a list of people.  In it, this magistrate breaches his oath by becoming involved in issues that do not relate to him, he has no knowledge of or evidence to support.  This is not how the UK expects magistrates to act.  This information is being posted in the interest of the UK Justice system which Paul Brooks is, unfortunately, a member!


This next email is from Paul Brooks, the disgraced Lancashire Magistrate.  Here he takes the word of a web troll (Paul Brooks calls them his ‘informant’).  Since when does a Judicial Magistrate have an ‘informant’?

Not only done Paul Brooks, the Lancashire Magistrate send personal information, but he send false information. This comment the Lancashire Magistrate, Paul Brooks has distributed intentionally is malicious and false.


This is an email Paul Brooks the disgraced Magistrate sent to have the member removed ‘ASAP’.  Notice how Paul Brooks proudly displays his JP (Magistrate) status in emails relating to a public funded charity.  Notice how blunt and rude he is speaking to this person. No please, no thank you.  He acts like some sort of dictator!

Note: This email was sent to me from a known person.  It was not sent by anyone identified in the email and I apologies for leaving an unrelated persons name unredacted.



This is an email with fake/fabricated minutes for a meeting that did not take place.  This was created and distributed by Lee Townsend (Vice Chairman and Freemason) I have the evidence in the form of an email from Paul Brooks and a statement from a committee member that Paul Brooks conspired with committee members to agree a meeting took place to try to justify Paul Brooks actions in breaching the constitution.    We are taking a conspiracy and lies by a Paul Brooks, a Lancashire Magistrate.


This is pretty incriminating evidence showing lie by Paul Brooks the Lancashire Magistrate.

Firstly, he accuses the Blood Bike Volunteer of a criminal offence against a ‘vulnerable 16 year old‘.  The fact is, the Volunteer was attacked (punched in the face) and his phone grabbed while he was sitting in his car.  His attacker was CONVICTED for what he did to the volunteer.  His attacker is a known drug user/dealer and thug.   Maybe this ‘vulnerable 16 year old’ should not have punched the Blood Bike Volunteer in the face and grabbed his phone out of his hand!  The thieving scum bag druggie that Paul Brooks, JP,  describes as a vulnerable 16 year old.  Can you believe these are the comments of a Lancashire Magistrate!   I assume to be an ex-magistrate and hauled up on misconduct charges.

Also, Paul Brooks then shows that the Skype meeting that he fabricated did not take place (even fake minutes were drawn up) This is fraud by the Vice Chairman Lee Townsend (also a Freemason).  Paul Brooks JP also makes it clear he knew he breached the constitution (pushed the boundaries to the limit) and makes no bones that he wanted to dismiss the volunteer out of spite.  This vindictive old man who hold office as a Magistrate.  How many innocent people has Paul Brooks sentenced out of spite rather than justice.

He admits he sent the dismissal letter to the committee prior to sending it to the volunteer, he states they had a ‘meeting by email’ (not by Skype meeting that was alleged).

Odd, as the minutes were drawn up for the Skype meeting 24 hours later by the Vice Chairman, Lee Townsend!

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but the actions of all committee members who AGREED to this deceit conspired by the Chairman Paul Brooks and Vice Chairman, Lee Townsend have all seriously breached the charity constitution.




Meeting with Trustees to be published soon. Some juicy info on Freemasons by Scott Miller who is a Freemason himself.  This recording was intentionally deleted by Scott Miller but a copy in our hands.


    • When my personal data is given out by trustees of a charity, I will fight to the end. Paul Brooks is a JP, he should be sacked for this as his status as a magistrate, he should show honesty and integrity. He has done noting but lie and conspire.

  1. You need help sick twisted just get on with your own life you don’t tell people you turned up at a 16 year old mum and dad’s house the jumped out and attacked the lad go get a life

  2. You are a complete and utter disgrace, you’ve fabricated a load of what you publish. You offer NO Evidence at all other than your word for it???? yep that’s why nobody takes you seriously.

    The email excerpts you display are factual and prove nothing more than you are muppet with issues in the head

    Perhaps you could post ACTUAL FACTS

    Ponting was dismissed after the charity was made aware of an offence he committed in which Mr Ponting was apparently filming a youth and his family which led to an altercation and which in turn led to Mr Ponting receiving a section 4 public disorder offence at Preston Crown court on May 3rd 2018.

    The above rings more true than your version, especially when you combine it with another video of you goading people claiming what appear to be absurdities. All while the poor cow in the passenger seat films in the hope you’ll get a good slap. At least then she can finally leave the miserable relationship she’s in and find someone with a more than stable mindset not one where the world is against you.

    It’s clear for ALL to see you have mental health issues and should consider whats best for the wider community. With some luck you’ll end up with a Darwin Award… something your entire family can celebrate.

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