You may be wondering why this page has been created?

I am(was) a volunteer, I volunteer for many charities, I volunteered for North West Blood Bikes.  Why? Because I care and love to give my time to help others where I can.

Because I have had the unfortunate experience to have received a conviction for ‘self defence’, I was dismissed from the charity.

Firstly, I have every faith in the Judicial system, we have to, it is all we have got. The problem is, I was punched in the face while sitting in my car.  The druggie who punched me then snatched my phone from my hand.  I got out of the car and tried to grab the yob.  That is all I did.

Due to my poor experience with Lancashire police, they charged me with a public order offence for putting my attacker in fear of violence!

Seriously, this is factual and the CCTV is available.  Unfortunately, and for no rationale reason, the magistrates found me guilty of putting my attacker in fear of violence, even though my attacker was found guilty for attacking me!

This was brought to the attention of Paul Brooks, JP, the chairman of the charity where I volunteered my time and money to help a needy cause.

Paul Brooks JP, believes that my version of events is FALSE (see the evidence), why would a Magistrates take such a biased view.

Once the corruption is rooted out and a thorough investigation takes place, this website will be changed to reflect this and then removed.

This website has been created in the interest of this charity.