AGM 2018 questions were asked but lies were followed by no comment

Well, the AGM took place on Sunday 4th November 2018 and no more than a quarter of members attended.  A good turnout claimed by the Committee.

We have received a copy of the minutes from no less than 4 people who attended.  All of whom had to refrain from blowing their cover even to each other.

What we find despicable is the way the serious allegations against the charity were  ‘discussed‘ (not) in what can only be deemed as a kangaroo court style meeting to avoid the facts.

Asking members to ‘put their hands up‘ to show a vote of no confidence is a tall order.  Members can and should be invited to an anonymous vote to allow freedom of thought without fear of reprisal.    The majority of members are all too aware that any attempt to question the dictatorship will almost certainly alienate them from the charity that they support.

The charity had NO intention of an anonymous vote where each attending member could have had a piece of paper tick to suggest a vote of no confidence (or not) to be placed into a sealed box.   Such a simple and fair system.

I will quote a few comments from no other than Lee Townsend, the Vice Chairman (Paul Brooks JP buddy):


Statement – Vice Chairman, Lee Townsend

The Vice Chairman read out the following statement:

“This year has seen what I believe to be the most difficult and trying for the Committee and Trustees of the charity. Dealing with the day to day running of what is now a very large organisation is time consuming and taxing at the best of times, notwithstanding the tragic events of May this year.

The role of the Committee and Trustees is to act in the best interest of the charity and I think that given we are all Laymen and volunteers like you, we stand together as members of the largest, busiest and best group in the country. No small achievement by everyone.

So, it begs the questions, what have we done so wrong? What are we so bad at doing? Why are we subjected to so much abuse? I of course make reference to more recent events.

If you knew the amount of time this Committee and Trustees have spent dealing with petty complaints, false allegations and on occasion abuse, you would al wonder how we manage to carry out our working and personal lives.

It is fair to say that ‘if you carry the rank you carry the can’ and I am more than happy with that. However, what is hard to carry is the knowledge that there are individuals both past and present that seek to undermine and destroy this Charity. There is quite possibly one such person in this room now and if you are then you know who you are!!

One or more person’s continue to feed information to a certain despicable character in an attempt to undermine this charity. To that person we say this ‘good luck’! We are a strong, dedicated, united and committed group of people who have nothing to hide or fear so take your small minded disruptive little self and find someone or something to do that better suits your mentality.

All of that said, if you as a membership feel that actually these individuals are right, then you have the power to vote us all out. According to the ramblings on a certain website most of you agree with his rantings. One person even calling for a vote of no confidence to be held today.

Does anyone wish to propose a vote of ‘No Confidence’ and if so, is there a seconder?”

(No response from Members. No hands raised)

Of course.  Do they really think that a group of people who want answers are going to identify themselves in a meeting that only a quarter of members have attended.  All this would have achieved is a mass removal of members from the charity.  What our aim is, is to collect information and evidence which will be presented to the correct authorities at the correct time.

“So, in summary, I would like to submit to the membership that this strong unit of brilliant volunteers continues to do what it does best and to treat the ‘naysayers’ with the contempt they deserve. Any questions please?”

(No questions)

However, a question was asked below and, no comment…

Member suggested an applaud in show of confidence to the Committee.

Applause from members.


The Secretary invited questions from Members:

Question: How many people have been suspended and what was the process?

Response: Vice Chair, Lee Townsend

The correct process has been followed and all actions have been in the best interest of the Charity. Unfortunately, no more information can be divulged.

Rubbish.  The correct process was not followed. 

This is evident on the fact that Lee Townsend & Paul Brooks both conspired to fabricate a meeting took place in an attempt to justify a breach of the constitution.  This is NOT the correct process, far from it.  What about the Malicious and False comment posted by Paul Brooks on the Charity website?  Was this ‘correct procedure?

This was followed with the statement, no more information can be divulged. – RUBBISH

It is important that all members are fully aware that there is NOTHING that the Charity cannot divulge.  The fact is, they cannot divulge anything only for fear of questioning on topics they cannot answer, this is the only reason they say they cannot divulge.  Certain questions have been posed on this website that the charity have refused to answer.

Maybe the things they cannot divulge is

  • the ‘reprimand’ Paul Brooks received from the Judiciary and why he is NO LONGER allowed to use JP after his name!
  • The Police investigation into Paul Brooks for Malicious Communications.
  • The police investigation into Rick Rurlander and Mike Dabek for threats of violence.
  • The fact that the charity have taken NO ACTION against the above two idiots.

None of the above are blocked from discussion, this is the ‘decision’ of the top table NOT TO DIVULGE anything that proves their misconduct and criminality.

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