Allegation of unauthorised payments to NMBB Member

A recent post on this page (speak up) has raised another allegation of a payment of £300 to a person to take the minutes in committee meetings?


Everyone is allowed to claim for out of pocket expenses while a member of the charity, but what out of pocket expenses does a person who types minutes from tape recordings incur to justify being paid £300 per year. Like everyone else they give their time for free so can’t be payment for time unless all members can claim for their time. They don’t print the minutes when they are done so can’t be a stationary cost. If the cost is to cover fuel for collecting the tape (although it could be sent electronically) then this would be 30p per mile for car use, so must travel around 40 miles round trip to collect the file and then the same to take the recorder back. Seems like there could be something a little bit odd about this payment.


Volunteers are just that, you volunteer your time free of charge, the charity has no paid members (apparently) therefore no ‘time’ is chargeable.

I am asking anyone to provide further details on this allegation and who the person in question is.

If this is true, then all members should be able to claim for their time if they wish.

I am happy to share evidence, either way from the committee relating to this allegation.  You have my email. This is your right to reply.



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