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These are comments that I have received from members, volunteers, controllers, riders etc (the ones I can publish anyway)  I will not disclose any identities, they have their right to comment without the repercussions that I got for speaking out, legal and death threats!


Message: is it wrong for me to be liking this page too much. don’t get me wrong, the charity does great work, but it is run by idiots. i have been a member now for just over 2 years and have been given the opportunity to enhance my skills for that i thank them. as for people management, they are a joke. they don’t now how to handle people, in fact they don’t know how to speak with people. i am astonished to discover that the head trustee is a business owner, i bet his staff are happy in their work….not. you would expect him to be able to pass down some knowledge to others unless they are unwilling to listen. i cant understand how Paul Brooks can be a JP. he says one thing and then forgets what hes said and contradicts himself. he is to self minded to care about others and I can fully see that he will have acted alone in your case. i for 1 am looking forward to next may when he resigns, hopefully the other deadwood on the committee will also go. sometimes its better the devil you know. the new chairman could be a lot worse. maybe its time for the members to stand up and be counted and do something positive no idea how to do that though as you only ever see people in your own area

Message: I’m so glad someone is finally giving us members the opportunity to speak up. Most members are afraid of saying their thoughts because of the repercussions from the influential members at the top. You are not allowed an opinion and if you do voice your own opinions, then you are told you are wrong. The committee is run by ‘yes’ men. They want managers who will conform to their idealistic views.
You should also question how many of the managers are linked to freemasonry. Are they hand picked for the role or do they go through a process to make make sure they are suitable.
We had an email over the weekend, well a few actually after this website was posted. The one I refer to is a committee member being replaced. No explanation, just he had left. Why?
Something is going on in the charity. They don’t communicate anything to the members.
I just wish more members had the balls to speak out about how they are treated. It’s a shambles and needs a good shake up. Too many people wanting to benefit from volunteering, you just need to look at the “look at me” Facebook posts. they are the ones who do nothing, where as those always on the rota just get on with it and don’t want the glory or recognition, or in some cases their picture in the paper.


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