Another attack… on my wife..! allegedly by Mike Dabek BBR457

Really, how low can some members of this charity go.

Now I have received two further emails which are extremely offensive, one of which makes disgusting sexual references to my wife.   This is all triggered by the lies spread by Paul Brooks, the ‘whiter than white‘ Lancashire Magistrate!!!

The IP address and DNS details of the attack have been recorded and sent to the police in what is now a 3rd targeted attack on my children, my wife and myself.

Based on IP address information and other posted information, the sender alleged to be Mike Dabek BBR457

I am gobsmacked how these ‘charitable people’ would sends such threatening messages to protect Paul Brooks for the malicious things he has done while serving as a UK Magistrate and by protecting BROOKS attack my wife and children.

I will not back down, more members are coming forward.    This charity will be saved.

Thanks for the emails of support and addition snippets of information that I am receiving.


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