Another serious threat of violence by Rick Rurlander (blood bike rider)

Unbelievably, I have received a significant threat of violence by a NWBB Member Rick Rurlander .  It has been reported to the police and it is currently under investigation as a serious threat.

The threat was to for me to retract my complaint against the charity or I will result in serious harm.  He also inferred he was acting for the Perverted Centurions? (whatever that is)

If it’s you trying to bring down NWBB, specifically Paul B, then stop it now, or you will be unable to even use a keyboard, never mind wipe your own ass after we’ve finished with you! If we’ve got the wrong P*********, then ignore this message and accept our apologies. Regards, the Perverted Centurions.

I expect the Charity should remove Rick Rurlander immediately as this brings the charity into disrepute.

The threat was primarily in defence of Paul Brooks (a UK Magistrate).  Why?

The threat was followed by another message by Rick Rurlander making this now a course of conduct for harassment.  This second communication also contained additional inferred threats.

So, in blunt, I made a formal complaints against a charity chairman who happens to be a Magistrate, ex police officer and Freemason and for that received a death threat against my children and now one against me!

I am not trying to bring down the NWBB, learn to read! I am trying to bring down the corruption within the NWBB, that is all.  The charity will flourish without the corruption within.  If you try to protect the corruption then the charity WILL suffer.   Think before opening you mouth.

I suggest you ask Paul Brooks or the NWBB committee the following simply questions:

  1. Did Paul Brooks breach the constitution, and why?
  2. Did he fake a meeting, and why? (read the statement by Neil Mcall who witnessed this)
  3. Did he fake or coerce committee members to agree to the minutes, why?
  4. Why did Paul Brooks lie saying I punched a vulnerable 16 year old?  Why when I didn’t?
  5. Why did Paul Brooks say I have a conviction f slander when I haven’t?
  6. Why did Paul Brooks pass my personal details to someone which then ended up on the web?
  7. Why did Scott Miller provide a private recording of a meeting with me to staff at his private business?

Do not accept the line he is currently using “I cannot answer for legal reasons“.  This is utter bullshit, he can answer, and as a Chairman, must answer to the allegations.  He is desperately trying to buy time.  This will not go away, you are just digging deeper and deeper.

Do not listen to the verbal shit that Paul Brooks, a Magistrate is saying.  It is utter bullshit.  Paul Brooks JP is a bullshit spouting liar and will be held accountable legally.    Paul Brooks is a disgrace to the UK Judiciary, he is a disgrace to the NWBB Charity, you will all soon understand how he lied to you all about me, this was for his own personal pleasure and gratification, it was not at all to do with the constitution which was agreed by trustees, Ironically, Scott Miller deleted the evidence of this…

Paul Brooks is a disgrace to his family and friends who are no doubt all going to suffer due to his conduct.  People like Paul Brooks have no place in authority, open your eyes, are you really all so blind.  I am not asking you to back me or like me, just open your eyes to the Chairman, committee and trustees.  Do not believe a word they say, ask for evidence!

Use your eye and brains, or, continue being a sheep.

Paul Brooks needs to grow some, man up and tell the truth to all.

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