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During our research with both current and former members for a feature we are planning on bringing you in the new year, we discovered some alarming information that warranted a page to itself.

While having discussions about the committee and trustees, we were told about a story that fleet manager, Simon Hanson tells regarding his employment with Hewlett Packard.

The member told us that they were sickened when Mr Hanson proudly told them how he and a colleague cornered a female member of staff and reduced her to tears. How would you feel if it was your wife, girlfriend or even daughter being treated like this at work?

This came as no surprise to others who have told us how they often feel that Mr Hanson talks down to people and tries to make others feel inferior and acts as if it’s his way or no way, and won’t accept that others also have their own opinions.

We also heard about how Mr Hanson boasts about how he bought a bike from Lancashire Constabulary at a knockdown price, and claims that Paul Brooks gave him the nod on which bike to buy – one that was guaranteed to have been looked after and to be in top condition.

We find it disgusting that during this period of police budget cuts, Mr Hanson finds it clever to take money from the Lancashire tax payer. Although we don’t know the exact figures involved, and we are not suggesting that it would increase the number of officers on the streets, the difference between a true value and “knocked down price” could have been put towards reducing crime in the county.

As well as being instrumental in the removal of a number of charity members without following the correct procedures, Mr Hanson is currently subject to a number of complaints regarding his honesty and integrity and breaches of the charity constitution, and also allowing members to break the law (see this post). The trustees seem reluctant to investigate the complaints despite evidence being available to back up the allegations. Why are they protecting him? Is there a reason why he is untouchable? Maybe the answer lies within the brotherhood of freemasonary. Once you put that apron on and show your nipple, you gain immunity and the knowledge that the brothers will never go against you.  The simple fact is that Mr Hanson is guilty of misconduct and will continue to walk all over people when things don’t go his way until the trustees take the appropriate action.


  1. John, have you read every piece of this website? The evidence is there for everyone to see, it’s just some choose to be very blinkered and blindly support the committee and trustees regardless. Those who contribute to this website have all personally been unfairly treated by the charity, the majority having given their time freely for 4 or 5 years before being “dismissed”.
    There is no doubt the committee bend the rules to suit themselves while expecting all members to agree without question. BUT there are MANY questions which need answers and so far none have been forthcoming. Nobody is trying to harm the charity all we want is the present committee and trustees to step aside and let other, more foreward thinking and honest people take it on. And no, none of us have any aspirations to be Chairman.

  2. Anonymous, you are correct in one thing you say, the charity is fantastic even with the idiots who are responsible for it. The rest of it you must have your head buried in a rectum somewhere, no idea whose though!
    Do you really think Mr Brooks has singlehandedly increased the membership of the charity from 4 to 400? You must be deluded! It has been a team effort to increase the membership of the charity. Are you suggesting that no one else needs to do anything? Is Mr Brooks the only person involved? Mr Brooks thinks he is the god like figure at the top of the hierarchy where he can hire and fire as he pleases, but all members, past and present, are responsible for ensuring the charity grows daily.

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