Updated – Can you help?

Can anyone shed light on the comment taken from a post that appeared on Facebook? (The post has now been deleted!). Has The Grinch been spoiling the Christmas fun?

“Amazing John. Shame that the other biker had to remove a Santa suit Yesterday whom ever did it has no Christmas Spirit also it was very childish, what an ASS. Good on you for wearing yours <3”

Who deserves to wear the Bah Humbug hat? You give us the name of the “ASS” and we’ll put the hat on them!

I have heard 3rd hand that the committee indirectly instructed a rider on duty on Christmas Day that he had to remove his Santa suit as it invalidated the insurance. Have you ever heard anything so daft as to insurance being withdrawn due to clothing? More lies from the committee! K.

Why have the 2 riders in the photographs we have published been allowed to wear Santa suits while on duty and yet a 3rd person was told to remove theirs on Christmas day. Is it because those photographed here are managers? Is the committee treating members differently depending on their status within the charity?

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