Chairman Elect revealed

News is starting to filter through to us that Freemason Charity Steward Simon Hanson has won the members vote to replace Paul Brooks as chairman of the charity in May 2019.

It came as no surprise to us that the committee and trustees first choice,  won the “anonymous” vote which took place over the last week, with members having to log onto the NWBB website to register their vote.

Our sources tell us that the turnout for the vote was 51.7% of the membership, although the split of the vote has not been made public at the time of writing. Assuming that the opponent registered more than 4 votes (his own and 2 nominees would account for 3 of these) then Hanson has the support of less than 50% of the charity members.

This vote may also prove to be a waste of time and energy depending on the outcome of the investigations into Hanson and his breaches of the constitution. The question will have to be asked by the members whether or not a person who it is alleged has breached the constitution on more than one occasion is the correct person to lead the charity forward over the next 17 months.

Our commiserations go to the runner up, but on the positive side the Fleet Managers position is now available. Although it’s normally “jobs for the boys” the person who had the bottle to stand against the committee should be at the fore front of peoples minds should he wish to stand for the position in May, or even before if Hanson finds it’s too much juggling his fleet duties while learning the duties of the chairman, which hopefully won’t include corruption. 

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