Charity Solicitors Harrison Drury have been reported to the ICO for data breaches.

This is becoming unbelievable.

The Solicitors of North West Blood Bikes, Harrison Drury, have divulged personal data to a 3rd party against the GDPR.

A complaint was made to Harrison Drury and they just ignored it.  Numerous further letters were sent and they ignored it.  They were warned that the ICO will be notified on the data breaches, they again, ignored it.  I received ‘read’ receipts as confirmation.

So, Harrison Drury have been now been reported to the ICO.  full evidence of the data breach has been supplied to the ICO and a cover letter with a copy of all attempted correspondence and read receipts..

It is no surprise that the Head of Risk and Compliance of Harrison Drury solicitors is in fact a member of North West Blood Bikes.

I wonder if North West Blood Bikes are still considering attempting to use the judiciary as a means of ‘revenge‘  for the publishing of the corruption and misconduct within this charity.   I light of the things uncovered, this will show then in their true colours.

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