Committee make excuses for refusing to speak up to members

Another frustrated Blood Biker member has spoken up, stating that the Charity are refusing to speak up against any allegations.  They are using the excuse that there is a ‘legal case’ ongoing.

I can advise all members, that I am unaware of any legal case, other than the Freemasons asking for their logo to be removed. The only other legal case is that I have reported the illegal activities of the committee and trustees to the police and other organisations.

There is NO LEGAL CASE in progress that is stopping the committee speaking up against the allegations put to them.  Evidence supporting the allegations is available.   Evidence of the criminal allegations against Paul Brooks is available and in fact, all members have this in the emails he has sent with his malicious communications to you, about me.

Blood Bike Members should Stand up and demand answers from the ‘closed rank committee’.  You should be Demanding the Chairman and committee STAND DOWN pending a full investigation into the allegations.  This is what the constitution is for.  Any allegation of a serious nature and an automatic suspension should take place.  Why does the committee have one rule for ‘members’ and one rule for themselves!


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