Defamation Claim in progress against the charity

it is with some regret that a legal claim has been instructed against the North West Blood Bikes charity for defamation.

The charity has been officially asked for the contact details of their Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Paul Brooks wrote an article stating that I had been convicted to assault of a minor.

This is utter rubbish and a malicious lie.  I have instructed a legal firm to act for me.  This malicious article by Paul brooks was in the public eye on the charity website for 41 days.  I made contact with the trustees and committee after it was public for 10 days .  THEY IGNORED ME and the malicious article was left public for a further 31 days.

The fact is that I was assaulted, my attacker was convicted for it. Get your facts right Paul Brooks!  I have no convictions and have an clear enhanced CRB to prove it. Paul Brooks is a malicious LIAR and it astounds me that he is a MAGISTRATE and they ‘accept his conduct’ albeit the judiciary have now banned the pompous prat from using JP after his name.

I will say that I have never and will never try to harm this charity, on the contrary, I have tried to protect it by being open and honest and reporting the underhanded actions of those at the ‘top table’ but they have closed ranks and are causing the damage.

The legal advice I have now taken advised that the burden of proof is now on Paul Brooks to show that what he posted is true, unless he can do this, then the article is defamatory and Paul Brooks will be held accountable!   It is impossible for Paul brooks to show this, as I have no criminal convictions and have never been charged or convicted of assault of a minor… EVER!.

This was nothing more than an intentional malicious lie fabricated by Paul Brooks simply because he did not like me for my action against the police.  What a despicable old man he is.  I have provided evidence to my brief to show that Paul Brooks was fully aware of all facts prior to his malicious article and still acted in a way to cause significant damage.

This defamation claim is unfortunately against the charity as it is the charity (committee and trustees) who have conspired together.  The charity insurance may well take action against Paul Brooks as it was his personal vendetta that he abused the charity website to fulfill his despicable attack on me.

It is this group of despicable individuals surrounding Paul Brooks who have now brought this charity into serious disrepute, if you want to blame anyone, please, direct your disappointment at these.

I will add, that there has been no apology from the charity for the defamatory article published by Paul brooks which adds further insult to injury.

Further details will be posted as and when they can be.


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