Freemasons in the North West Blood Bikes

This is a list of Freemasons at the North West Blood Bike Charity.

There are suspicious links between freemasonry and this North West Blood Bikes charity. The East Lancashire Freemasons have donated a significant sum of money to NWBB.  Lancashire police and crime commissioner has also donated public funds in the form of a police motorcycle to the Chairman who is (or at least was) a Freemason at that time.

There is also an allegation that a Freemason member was awarded a contract of over £25,000 to refit the North West Blood Bike Headquarters.  (a response to this allegation has been published here)

  • Paul Brooks, Chairman (allegedly left the masonic lodge about 2 years ago)
  • Lee Townsend – Vice Chairman
  • Graham Jones – Trustee and Founder with Paul Brooks.
  • Scott Miller – Trustee
  • Andy Gillroy – Trustee
  • Simon Hanson – Committee & Fleet Manager
  • Kevin Sanson – Committee – Manager coordinator
  • Martin Walsh – Area Manger

All either Trustees, on the committee or managerial. Is this a coincidence ???

This list is growing as we discover other Freemasons.  It is in the public interest that links within public funded charities are brought to light.

If you can confirm any other members and their roles, please Contact Us.

Freemason Logo taken from Sponsor Page of website.  It has been posted here for the sole purpose to show the link between these two charities.

It has been brought to our attention that we need to add credit for the original Masonic artwork, so hats off to Philip Atkinson (from Olicana Lodge), for his wonderful logo which was created with his own skill and labour.

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