Further lies from Paul Brooks JP Chairman of North West Blood Bikes

Today it was brought to my attention that Paul Brooks has published an article about me on the official North West Blood Bikes website.

the article is totally false and Paul Brooks is fully aware it is false.  Even knowing this is untrue, Paul Brooks, the charity Chairman decided to post the malicious article on the official charity website.  This now becomes the Charity making defamatory comments.

I have brought this to attention of my solicitor who has been instructed to seek damages for defamation.

For clarification.

  1. I have never tried to take down the North West Blood Bikes Charity.  Paul Brooks is fully aware of this fact but has tried to twist the truth to try and protect himself from his own misconduct and damage my reputation.  Paul Brooks has continued to spread lies about me, lies which are 100% proveable.  Paul Brooks has been reported to the Advisory Committee as he is a Magistrate.  The Advisory Committee deal with the conduct of Magistrates and have confirmed that they have now referred my complaint to Lord Shuttleworth.  Full details will be published of the findings where appropriate.
  2. I was not convicted with assault in any way shape of form, never mind of a minor!  This is malicious fabrication by Paul Brooks who knows that my ‘crime’ was that of ‘public order’ (a minor offence that was overturned at appeal).  I did not and have not assaulted anyone.  This is a malicious publication by Paul Brooks and intended to damage my reputation.
  3. I have not ‘bombarded’ anyone with email.  I believe, to date, I have sent THREE emails to notify the charity and members of allegations for which they have a right to know.  Many of these members have acknowledged their support but cannot speak up for fear of retribution from Paul Brooks.  I will of course be emailing the charity again to notify them of the latest article by Paul Brooks and how he has brought the Charity into disrepute with his malicious allegations published on the charity official website!  It is a legal legal obligation of the trustees to protect the charity and they are simply allowing Paul brooks to damage the charity further.  Any damage to this charity is on the Trustees and Committee.

This website is to protect the NWBBLL Charity by publishing the illegal and underhanded management to the public eye.  This charity is a UK funded charity registered with the Charity Commission, they are also looking into the allegations.

I have no intention of bringing down the charity (as Paul Brooks has said),  I intend to let the public see just how the NWBBLL charity is being destroyed by Paul Brooks, the committee and trustees.  The Volunteer riders are doing an amazing job, it is just a pity they are also being mislead by Paul Brooks.

My voluntary status within the charity and removal from the charity is my personal information. Paul Brooks has no right to publicly disclose any information about me and the ICO will be notified of his use of my data.

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