Harrison Dury Solicitors make threats to uncover whistleblowers

North West blood bikes responded to the letter before action. The following is a summary from their instructed Solicitors, Harrison Dury. A practice themselves apparently connected to NWBBLL and appear to have bitten off more than they can chew!

Protect has noted a worrying tendency for certain laws to be misused to target whistleblowers, often in the case of those who make disclosures to the media. From criminal and civil lawsuits, to abuse of power and threats of litigation, these actions – often taken by states or organisations with deep pockets – undermine public policy and negatively impact whistleblowing. This undermines the public policy objective of whistleblowing protection as a form of promoting wider accountability and specifically for workers who raise concerns with the media.

So, NWBB are threatening to take legal action (threats of litigation) to expose Whistleblowers and by the above statement, are using charitable donations (organisations with deep pockets) to pay Harrison Dury Solicitors, who, are linked to the Charity.

What Harrison Drury solicitors fail to understand is, I will not be threatened. I will not be bullied and I will not be blackmailed.

A couple of things from the letters received…which the bumbling idiots at this firm of solicitors sent it to an open business email address!

  1. I have received threats from Harrison Dury solicitor which I believe amount to Blackmail, disguised as ‘legal waffle‘. In a nutshell, a threat for me to reveal my sources (Whistleblowers) from within the NWBBLL charity!  These Whistleblowers have, at some risk to themselves, provided us with valuable information that is in the public interest that relates to this public registered charity. Whistleblowing is protected by https://www.pcaw.org.uk/ and Harrison Dury’s attempt to apply undue pressure for names to be revealed is duly noted.  I will never disclose my sources.  I encourage anyone who has provided information to me to contact the Whistleblowing advice line to report the threats that you have received.  I will validate the threats made.
  2. A threat against my wife has been made by this unscrupulous solicitors. It is pretty obvious that the charity will stoop to any level now, including making references to my children and now my wife. This was a bad move.
  3. The solicitor letter even make reference to the comments that the charity is ‘run by freemasons‘ and somehow infers this is ‘defamatory’! Bizarrely, the meeting I had with Trustees were all Freemasons and they all happily disclosed this information freely including that Paul Brooks was a freemason. I also am aware of a number of the freemason in senior positions, so I have no idea why they are pointing this fact out. Maybe they think I am scared by a bunch of middle aged men who like to dress up at weekends in funny clothes and show each other their nipples.
  4. The Harrison Dury letter was full of empty threats. They made unpteen threats of harassment and defamation against trustees and volunteers yet no names or incidents were even mentioned.
  5. In light of this, they forgot about the glaring defamatory comments made against me by Paul Brooks, the charity Chairman.
  6. They forgot to mention the threats of violence by Rick Rurlander & Mike Dabek both still active volunteers.
  7. They forgot about the malicious email by Paul Almond, ex-Lancashire police officer sent to ALL members about me.
  8. All the above amount to corruption based on the ordinary english meaning as used in defamation law.  For some reason, Harrison Dury Solicitors believe my allegation of corruption within this charity is itself defamatory!
  9. All allegations on this website are backed by evidence, yet Harrison Dury make vague references to allegations of defamation but fail to mention any single allegation or provide any proof of defamation.
  10. Defamation is a very simply law, the libel is either TRUE or FALSE. You must prove it is false for any case to stand up. I allege corruption within the charity. “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power“, and am told this allegation I make is itself Defamatory.
  11. I have evidence that Paul Brooks took a fraudulently de-valued motorcycles from Lancashire police,
  12. I have evidence that Paul Brooks conspired to falsify a meeting took place.
  13. I have evidence that Lee Townsend prepared falsified minutes for the said meeting,
  14. I have dishonest account from Scott Miller about my personal data.
  15. I have evidence that Rick Rurlander and Mike Dabek voluntary services were retained after both made threats of violence to me,
  16. I have evidence that Paul Brooks colluded to a person who has a criminal record for actions against my family.

Harrison Drury completely skips the known facts and presents me with a bucket full of allegations with zero facts.

That is all fine, but lets see what the judge says. bring it on… lets get it all out in the open.

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