ICO confirm yet another DPA breach by North West Blood Bikes by the actions of Chairman, Paul Brooks

Today, 20/12/2018, I received communication from the ICO saying that the North West Blood Bikes (Paul Brooks) have further breached my personal data. The letter also clarifies that the information leaked was posted with false information.

Paul Brooks, a magistrate (stripped of using JP after his name by the judiciary), supposedly a ‘professional person’ is an ex Lancashire police officer. Paul Brooks knowingly and intentionally posted defamatory and malicious false information using my personal details on the Charity website.

The ICO said…

“I have considered the information available in relation to this complaint and I am of the view that NWBB has not complied with their Data Protection obligations. This is because it appears that they have not used appropriate lawful bases for processing special category data.

Furthermore, they have not held this information securely, as they published it on their website. In addition, it does not appear that this reporting of the facts is correct. “

This, along with the data breach by Scott Miller has triggered a civil claim for damages against both individuals in the new year. A claim for defamation is also in progress, the ICO decision will be supporting evidence.

A further data breach is being investigation by the ICO and will be published in due course.

I am surprised how the ‘legally governed‘ trustees are allowing this to happen with full knowledge and this fact (and others) has been reported to the charity commission.

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