‘Letter before claim’ ignored by masonic trustee Scott Miller

A civil claim is currently underway against North West Blood Bikes for defamation of character.  Paul Brooks is the author of the defamatory comments. 

This IS happening.

An email conforming to the pre-action protocol of civil action was sent to the Committee & Trustees, this included Scott Miller, who, as a Trustee has legal obligations.  Read about the legal obligations of a trustee

The email was sent to the charity on 30/08/2018 at 18:10.  The email was opened by Scott Miller at 20:07 the same day.  It was also opened by a number of others committee members.  

How do I know this?

I received a confirmation read receipt from Scott Miller.  This shows, ‘on the balance of probabilities’ that Scott Miller, a Trustee of North West Blood Bikes, received an official letter before claim and ‘ignored it‘.

This matter is now in the hands of a solicitor who has this as evidence that pre-action protocol was ignored by a legally obliged Trustee of a charity, this has also been sent to the Charity Commission to show legal obligations are being totally disregarded by this masonic gathering of idiots.

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