Malicious communications and an attempt to blackmail a contributor of this website

The following text message was received by someone who has posted on this website.

This has been reported to the police and a crime of Malicious Communication has been recorded and is currently under investigation.

The police may also now launch an internal investigation into who within the police service is supplying personal data to people outside the police service.

This is a clear attempt to try and stop the truth from being published on this website. While some people wish to remain anonymous, others don’t mind their voice being heard. Unlike other websites, all opinions are valid here, but personal insults are not tolerated.

This website will only publish facts, and any person who can provide evidence which shows that anything posted is not accurate are welcome to get in touch and request the item be retracted.

So Jack, although we already know that isn’t your real name, if you have an issue with something that is posted, just ask for it to be removed and your request will be considered when you have provided suitable evidence. You don’t need to resort to malicious communications and blackmail as this will only land you with a criminal record, which could ultimately have an affect on your employment and volunteering activities. Please don’t continue sending texts as otherwise this would constitute harassment, which will also give you a criminal record.

This website is here to protect the future of North West Blood Bikes and it’s members and I am sure that the committee and trustees of the charity will join this website in condemning this illegal and offensive behaviour.

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