NHS has been notified of SERIOUS Date breaches that could affect patient confidentiality

A number of significant Data breaches has occurred within North West Blood Bikes.

  • Paul Brooks, Chairman passed personal details to his ‘informant’ who posted it online.
  • Scott Miller passed a private recorded conversation of a meeting with a volunteer to staff at his private business.
  • Paul Brooks has also fabricated a meeting and the minutes that go with it.  He did this for ‘personal gain
  • There are other data breach that I cannot disclose due to being passed to me by members wishing to remain anonymous.

All of this information is being passed to the Charity Commission and the NHS.

I am also making a personal complaint to the NHS for allowing North Blood Bikes to have access to patient confidential data since this scandal that has come to light.  The NHS should suspend ALL connections with NWBBLL until a thorough investigation has taken place.

With a committee and group of trustees who are so prepared to lie and leak personal data,  I do NOT want the NHS to hand any of my private data to the NWBBLL.

I have also received death threats via this website.  Nice from a Charity!!!!


Please report any incident relating to this charity in confidence via the contact us page.  You do not need to use your name or email address to send information if you do not wish to.

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