North Manager caught speeding and using b&2 without lawful reason

A new allegation has come to light.

The allegation is that Rob Clarke, the North Manager triggered a speed alert and Blue Lights alert without lawful reason or authorisation.  He was also not trained in the uses of lights, the bike was booked to him for training purposes.

The image below is an automated trigger alert.

The alert was on the fleet BMW R1200RT, FE11 FVT, named ‘Katie’.   This trigger was Saturday 5th May at 20:37.

This bike was booked out to Rob Clarke who took it upon himself to activate the Blue Flashing Lights and also broke the speed limit without any legal reason or authority.

Ironically that Paul Brooks issues a statement saying that my allegations are false and refuses to respond.

This allegation has previously been reported to the committee/trustees but was apparently ‘covered up‘…


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