NWBBLL Charity supports and protects members who make threats of violence

I am shocked how two North West Blood Bike members, Mike Dabek and Rick Rurlander have been protecteded by the North West Blood Bikes charity.

The two members made threats of serious violence to a volunteer and wife to the point that Lancashire police are now investigating this as a crime.

The two have brought the charity into disrepute yet the charity has ‘kept them on board‘, not concerned with their actions?

It has been confirmed by a concerned volunteer that Mike Dabek is actually on the West Rota, Wednesday 5th September on the B shift undertaking regular runs!

He last rode, Wednesday 15th August, again, the B shift regular runs. This was at a time that he had been reported to the charity and they still let him ride?  Shows how they make the rules up as they go.

Under constitution rules, Mike Dabek should have suspended.

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