Paul Almond, ex police Chief Inspector breaches data protection

The post forms an official complaint to NWBB about Paul Almond who has made a significant GDPR data breach while using the charity email and volunteer base.  We trust the charity will take the appropriate action.

We have yet another corrupt retired police officer is in this charity?  This one is, (or was) a Chief Inspector, if information provided is accurate!

Are police allowed to discuss ‘police business’, NO THEY ARE NOT.  Even after they have left!

This is a data breach, very serious with the new GDPR regulations and without a doubt a breach of the charity constitution.

I wonder if Paul Almond is working with any other ‘personal / confidential data’?    He works for TUI who deal with a vast amount of customer information!   If anyone has any more information, please let us know (in the interest of data protection, GDPR)

For the record and to put this vindictive ex cop in the picture…

I do NOT attack authority if they disagree with me.  I disagree with lots of things, like most people do, that is a right to an opinion.  What I do is, stand up to (or attack as you call it) ANYONE who attacks me or my family, and this now includes you Mr Almond.   For those that are ‘on the fence here‘ Lancashire police defended a police informant who threatened to kill my wife and children.  The informant was of so much value to the police, they  shafted me, my wife and my children.  All because the informant supplied the information for this conviction! Yep, that is how valuable he was, but that should not allow the snitch to attack me or my family.  Paul Almond was most likely involved in this.

This led to 5 years of shit that put my family through hell.  Those that know me, know that I do not ever back down!  I am not big or hard, I am persistent when it comes to protecting my family and values.    I stood up to the police and this why they treat me with so much contempt. The police hate it when they are questioned.   Lancashire police have just ‘settled out of court’ for a significant sum of money as they knew they had ZERO chance winning in court.   I have two additional data breach claims against Lancashire police for providing confidential information to the police informant about my children..!  Yes, this is how Lancashire police will stoop.

I am also in the process of a further two claims for unlawful arrests and another malicious prosecution, the same prosecution that Paul Brooks removed me from the charity for.

So, before any of you judge me, ask yourself this, would you do ANYTHING to protect your wife and children?  That is all I did.

Data breach by Paul Almond from his time in Lancashire police

Should Paul Almond be dismissed from the charity due to his DPA breach and intentional malicious comments relating to another ex-volunteer?

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