Paul Brooks makes a promise to the charity without breaking laws

A message sent by paul Brooks to all trustees and committee.  You know, those who are backing his ‘illegal’ activities.

Thank you to the person who sent it to us.

I would say the more stupid thing to do was attack an innocent man!

Paul Brooks is bitter and twisted.  he has brought the charitying into disrepute.

I can assure you it is NOT politics, it is intentional Malicious Communication and Harassment.


  1. Sounds very much like double standards from this representative of our legal system. A law unto himself. It will get a very lonely place on that pedestal he is sat on. Time to go Mr Brooks, admit you were wrong and do the decent thing and apologise before graciously removing yourself from the executive committee and top table. We need a vote of no confidence on November 4th.

    • hear hear, why is he being so stubborn. He knows he has wronged me and others. He is stripped of his JP status, and still digs his heels in. All I want is a proper apology and he do the right thing. If he wants to continue the fight, he needs to research exactly who he is picking a fight with. I have the time, energy and determination.

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