Request to attend the AGM

My name is Paul Ponting BBR549 and I have formerly asked to attend the AGM.

I was dismissed from this charity by Paul Brooks due to being wrongfully convicted of a criminal offence.  This has been ‘overturned’ at appeal in the Crown Court.

This is the ONLY reason I was removed and I am asking to be allowed to attend the AGM to speak openly to all members, trustees and the committee.  My intention is to set the record straight.  I very much doubt the trustees or committee will want this ‘truth’ to be aired in the open though!

I have been targeted by numerous people after receiving a wrongful conviction. Unfortunately, I did not receive a fair ‘trial’ by magistrates (Paul Brooks ‘colleagues’) who decided I was guilty of an offence that I simply did not commit.

They (the magistrates) found me guilty simply because they were unable or unwilling to view the CCTV evidence.  It was shown at appeal that the evidence the magistrates ‘convicted me with’ was, wildly wrong and misinterpreted by what can only be described as incompetence in the judiciary!

Rather than support me, Paul Brooks attacked me! Even though he was made aware in a personal email that I sent to him, that I had appealed and I strenuously denied any wrongdoing, Paul Brooks kicked me while I was down and then spread malicious message to all of you to further harm me.

Now, I have been 100% acquitted, the conviction completely overturned.  My attacker was convicted. Remember, the ‘vulnerable 16 year old boy’ that Paul Brooks would have you believe I attacked!

I was a victim and this has cost me dearly due to financial loss for counsel, as well as defamatory comments by people in this very charity who supposedly volunteer to ‘help people‘…!

My intention is to attend the AGM, to show members what I was subjected to by the ‘top table’ of this charity and a ‘few rogue riders!’.

I will discuss openly how and why this website was created to give me a voice as the committee and the ‘legally bound trustees’ completely ignored my legitimate complaint against the Chairman and other members.

This website is only intended to show members what is going on, some things may appear petty, I agree, but in the large scheme of things, what was done to me was, and still is despicable and the actions of certain members fueled this website!   Despicable is the same words used by the ‘charity committee’ about a VOLUNTEER claiming £11 expenses even though the Chairman’s own daughter freely claim expenses without question!

I fully support the Blood Bikes, I really do, I would never have joined if I did not. I have spent a lot of money kitting out my bike and buying the appropriate clothing for the awful weather we all drive in, this was out of my own pocket.

I am not and never would attempt to bring down this or any other charity.  This accusation by Paul Brooks is pathetic and was his was of attacking me yet against for ‘outing’ his antics.  What I will do, is bring down the corruption within this and any other charity.

So, please let me know if you want to hear what I have to say at the AGM.

I am happy to stand in front of you ALL and speak about this.  I am not a public speaker so this is not my thing, but will do to show that I am not hiding behind a website.

I will be open and honest.  I will answer honestly, ANY legitimate & relevant questions put to me and will show you the evidence I have.

I am asking for my removal from this charity to be reinstated.  After which, I will happily resign if the members decide  I am not welcome.  After all, without the members, this charity does not exist.  Trustees and committee are replaceable, and should be replaced.

I stand by that this charity has been brought into disrepute by Paul Brooks and members of the committee and trustees which is against the constitution.

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