Response from charity regarding a letter before action

Ironically, a letter before action was sent to and received by the NWBB charity. Of course, nothing has been returned on letter head paper however an email from a ‘random address’ has arrived.

“Well correct me if I’m incorrect but that’s a begging letter. It’s not a legal document it’s some letter black mailing a charity. You are digging yourself a big hole sending that out. The correct method would be a solicitors letter not some made up black mail money demanding letter from you. This only adds to my look into this so called corrupt charity. In my eyes at the moment it’s you that’s corrupt black mailing a charity. Good luck with that letter.” 

Well, I do correct you. The letter that was sent was a ‘Letter before action’ and clearly quotes correct pre-action protocol.

As you are clearly unaware, a ‘letter before action’ is not blackmail you fool, it is a letter outlining potential court action. What a ridiculous suggestion it is blackmail, if you believe this, please report it to the police.

I will of course use your ‘response‘ if & when litigation commences as the letter was addressed ‘private and confidential‘ and addressed to the charity trustees. So this is either from a ‘trustee’ using a fake email or leaked to someone who is trying to cause trouble. Either way, thank you for the heads up on the way the charity are treating this serious matter.

I will stress that, should the details of the letter not be addressed, the actions outlined will commence.

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