Rob Clarke tries to stop you reading email by scaring with threats

Rob Clarke proves how scared the charity are of the volunteers knowing the truth.

Please tell me no one was fooled by Rob Clarkes pathetic attempt to stop you viewing this website.

Rob Clarke, the Area Manage for North West Blood Bikes,  sent an email saying:

Hi all

You will have seen an email from a Paul Ponting, with a link to what appears to be a North West Blood Bike site

We would urge everyone NOT to open the link NOR to respond to it, even if just out of curiosity

 We cannot see at this end whether there is any malicious trojans or infections with in but suspect that there maybe something sinister with its contents

 We suggest that you delete the email without opening it & await instructions from the committee

Thanks everyone


This was sent from his email account

What utter rubbish.

All this shows is how scared the charity is by the truth.  trying to say there is some kind of virus on this website or in an email, what kind of fool is Rob Clarke for saying this.  All this is, is scaremongering.

Even tell you to delete it and ‘await instructions from the committee’.  The very committee, headed by no other than Paul Brooks who is under investigation for criminal activity and defamation.

This website is not infected, nor have the emails.

Ironically, the NWBB-LANCS.ORG website has a security risk !!!!!

When in glass houses, do not throw stones 

Editorial note: Since the sending of this email, Robert Clarke has resigned from his position as manager and from the charity, citing the reason behind his resignation as he didn’t like being undermined by others.


  1. That is clearly an email that has been written by someone else ( most likely one of the committee) to be distributed by Mr Clarke. Anyone who was in regular email contact with him will know that isn’t his style of message, as for one thing he doesn’t use punctuation or correct grammar!
    Just proves that he was a puppet for the committee all along.

  2. Probably just the one but with the encouragement of the others. Robert Clarke should never have been appointed Area Manager as he lacks people management skills and was the chief instigater in the downfall of Team Northern.

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