Scott Miller sends cease and desist to stop truthful posting

Scott Miller sent a threat of legal action if I do not stop publishing the truth.

I encouraged Scott Miller to highlight each and every defamatory comment he wants removing as I am in my right to publish the truth and facts of corruption with a Charitable organisation, even if the objects of my posts do not like it.  Defamation is about telling lies.  Truth is the defence to defamation.  I will remove anything that is defamatory, however, my sources have provided me with information proving the comments are factual.

If you want to take this to court,  I will be happy to attend and will claim costs for my representation.

Oh, and slander is verbal, I think you may mean libel…!  FFS, you  cannot even get legal wording correct with a Magistrate at the Helm 🙂

ˈthe action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.


The letter is here:


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