Some think we have been gagged

There have been a number of enquiries asking why the site isn’t being updated and we are being asked if the charity has managed to “gag” us.

The answer is no, the charity hasn’t taken any legal action and stopped us publishing (they would have to provide evidence of untruths for this), they have instead quite rightly invested some of the donations made to the charity into a barrister to look into whether or not the members can use blue lights.

The one question I would ask is since the charity decided to suspend the use of blue lights, how many NHS patients have suffered as a result? (none).

A motorbike is still the fastest way to get between two hospitals, even without blue lights as they are able to filter through stationary traffic. The alternative to a blood bike is a taxi and when was the last time you saw one of these with blue lights fitted! It does make you question as to why the committee want blue lights fitted.

Is it because they are frustrated ex policemen or they just want to look authoritative?. We’ll let them answer that one at their general meeting on November 4th. Yes we will be there listening for any misleading information or lies being told and we will report on them.

You never know, they may also produce the evidence that they claim to have that led to so many members being removed. We are looking forward to that one.

The reason we have been so quiet is we have been asked not to publish certain items due to on going investigations as this may jeopardise those investigations. We are pleased to hear that the complaints are being looked into and questions are now being asked, which will hopefully safeguard the charity for the future.

Keep your reports coming in, although we may not be able to publish at this time, the details are being passed onto the organisations carrying out their investigations and are helping to build a case against the corruption that is taking place. Rest assured your details will be kept confidential. There is no point in having a source of information only to reveal who they are, no matter how high up in the charity they are.

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