To All Members

Dear Blood Bike Members.

You have no doubt been informed that this website exists and I know for certain that the committee have made numerous false allegations that it has been created for malicious reasons.  I can assure you that this is false.

The only reason for this website is to highlight that the Charity is being run in a very suspicious manner, and all I am trying to do is highlight these issues.

The issues, many now are published on this website, are being totally ignored by the trustees who have a legal obligation to protect the charity but are failing to do this instead, the trustees are trying to protect the Chairman.

You have volunteered your own personal time and money, (as did I), to support this charity and the good work that it does for the NHS.  the problem is, and this is the crux of my annoyance, the committee and trustees that are currently in place are treating it like their own personal toy, and why are they all Freemasons?

You are the charity, without the volunteers, there is no charity.  You give up your time, you give up your money and you have a right to ensure that what you give on a voluntary basis is managed properly, honestly and with integrity.  Are you 100% this is the case?

I am not at all trying to destroy this charity as some may think, on the contrary, what I am trying to do is highlight the problems, some very serious, and let you, the members see what happens behind closed doors, the effect of this is to protect the future of charity.  If the charity is damaged, it is by those entrusted to manage it.

If you happen to speak up and question the authority of the charity or any allegations made here, you will be dismissed.  Why would a charity dismiss volunteers for asking questions in the interest of the charity?

This is wrong.  Very wrong and the committee / trustees are a closed group, predominantly Freemasons. They are controlling the charity and no one seems to know or even care why?

The aim of this website is to protect this charity, and to do this, there should be 100% transparency, honesty and integrity from all parties especially the trustees and committee.  Anyone acting without any of these qualities should not be involved within the committee or as a trustee, and that is the point of this website.

My aim is the root out the corruption, get an honest committee acting with integrity and a board of trustees in place and allow this charity to continue doing the good work that it does.

To elect someone for the committee you need to disclose any association with external organisations of the nominee, Why?  Are members allowed to see all nominees and their associated external links to organisations such as the Freemasons?  Why not if this is a requirement to disclose to join the committee? Why sees this and what is the purpose?

If any of you want to speak to me, face to face, over the phone or by email, please get in touch via the contact form and I will pass my personal details so you can make contact.

If you have something to say and wish to remain anonymous, you can post comments here

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