To all NWBB Volunteers

Dear All NWBBLL Volunteers.

You may be aware, but if not, I was a volunteer and rode for North West Blood Bikes.

I joined this charity for the very same reasons you no doubt did, that is to help save lives delivering emergency items to hospitals after hours.

I am saddened to have to tell you that I have discovered significant corruption within what is called, the ‘top table’ of this charity which is run predominantly by Freemasons.

While my issues is not Freemasonry, this does play an important role in my complaint for which I was removed from the charity by Paul Brooks, JP (ex police) and Freemason.

Paul Brooks breached the constitution of the charity.  The Constitution is a legal document formed by the charity, essentially the ‘rule book’ that the charity must legally conform to.  This protects the charity, it members/volunteers and the charity intentions, i.e. raising public money for charitable purposes.

What Paul Brooks and a number of his ‘team’ have done is shown a serious lack of honesty and integrity including corrupt practices.  This has then been followed with a conspiracy between the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the Committee to fabricate and agree to lies.

I was dismissed for reasons not at all related to the charity and that in no way brings the charity into disrepute.  I was convicted of a minor offence and received a conditional discharge (no penalty).  This is a ‘slap on the wrist’ and in no way comparable to the rules written within the constitution that allows up to 6 penalty points.  Death by dangerous driving can carry less than 6 points and therefore would be accepted by the Charity.

The constitution does not specify ‘carte blance‘ that conviction are disallowed, in fact, the NHS have confirmed that it is not an issue and stated DBS checks are not required for volunteer riders.  I have checked with the Charity commission and they have confirmed that the Charity acted against the written constitution.

Chairman Paul Brooks has noted that I have criticisms of Lancashire police, Paul Brooks is an ex Lancashire Police office and for this he took a personal dislike to me.  He then used this personal dislike to remove me from the charity.

Remember, this is a registered and regulated charity, this is NOT Paul Brooks own personal business, and is governed by a committee and trustees with legal obligations as well as being regulated by the Charity Commission.

Paul Brooks took it upon himself to remove me from the charity using an excuse of my conviction which is not written into the constitution and not disallowed by the charity, the NHS even working for the NHS or working for the police!

Now, most would just walk away, but I challenged this.

I challenged it because I wanted to help those in need and who is Paul Brooks to stop the NHS benefiting from my voluntary services simply because he does not like me.

I made a complaint.  My complaint was that Paul Brooks ignored the constitution (acted in breach).  He did not consult the committee as per the constitution, and removed me without a meeting, appeal or discussion.

I was fobbed off by numerous members of the committee, including the Charity committee & trustees refusing (by ignoring) to pay my fuel expenses.  Only when I threatened legal action for theft did the trustees step in as they realised this was an illegal act and swiftly provided me with a cheque.

We met and discussed the issues, Scott Miller, trustee (and Freemason) headed the meeting and asked me if I would like it recording.  I agreed, as it would save me making notes.

Scott has since failed to give me the copy of the recording and now claims his ‘children’ deleted it.  Rubbish.  He does no like what he agreed to in the meeting and his open discussion of masonic links and members.

I was assured by Scott Miller that the Committee had called an emergency Skype meeting, therefore to try to defend Paul Brooks from the allegation he acted alone.

I have now, through a non disclosed source discovered that Paul Brooks and Lee Townsend conspired to falsify that a meeting took place.  They even fabricated fake minutes of the meeting and distributed these fake minutes amongst the committee.

They did this to protect Paul Brooks, JP.  Yes, Paul Brooks is a member of the UK judiciary and had acted in such a despicable way that he has now been reported to the judiciary for his misconduct.

I have no intentions of damaging this charity, this is being handled quite effectively by the ‘closed group’ top table and appears to be corrupt.  I have highlighted the corruption, I am not sure of their agenda but it is believed that Scott Miller was awarded a substantial £25k+ contract to re-fit the HQ.  I have put this allegation to the Charity for comment but they failed to even respond to it.

I ask you all to question these incidents with your line manager, with the committee and the trustees.

It is you that keeps the charity alive.  Without you doing the riding, the controlling, the events etc, the charity cannot exist.

The corrupt ones are causing the problems by their malicious ways.  We do not need them in this charity and only the volunteers can question this in house.  Do your duty and question them, ask for public accountability.

Once the evil is rooted out, and a decent committee and trustees are re-instated, the charity can go on to support the NHS  and save lives, there is no room within this charity for this type of conduct or corruption.

Please contact me IN CONFIDENCE but the contact form on this website.  I am happy to speak anonymously if you want.  My aim is to protect the charity by removing the committee, the trustees, the vice Chairman and of course, The Chairman himself, Mr Paul Brooks JP.

BBR549 (ex volunteer)


    • Hi Martyn
      The charity have used a ridiculous method for email addresses in that each member i as sequential number based on their member ID (
      This is the address that was used to contact you as one member to another.

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