Trustee Scott Miller leaks private information about a volunteer to his own private company

Scott Miller, a trustee of North West Blood Bikes has admitted that he divulged sensitive and confidential information about a Blood Bike Volunteer.

Scott, the Managing Direct of Millers UK Ltd, took the private data from the North West Blood Bikes HQ where he recorded it on his personal phone.

The data was take to his private business, Millers UK Ltd where he handed it to ‘girls’ in his office.  These girls are unnamed, however they had access to my personal data and Scott Miller, the trustee and MD claims they accidentally deleted it.

I have offered Scott a ‘right to reply’ and this was his pathetic response!

Really sorry I lied I didn’t give it to my staff I dropped the phone down the toilet while having a crap but didn’t really want to say that but you want the truth so there it is.

Well, there you go, the lies continue, what a despicable little man Scott is!  I am sure that, call records, proof of damage etc can be provided to support this ridiculous reply.  I do hope Scott Miller of Millers UK Ltd does not lie to his customer like he has the a Blood Bike Charity volunteer.

UPDATE: 28/7/18 – 20:23

Since posting this article, my children have received DEATH THREATS.

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