Update on allegations

Criminal allegations.

A meeting has taken place with Lancashire police.  Evidence has been handed to them relating to a number of allegations made on this website. Also, a number of names have also been put forward.  Threats will not be tolerated.


The UK Judiciary Advisory Committee have asked for a documented complaint with evidence regarding the Chairman who they have confirmed is not an active Magistrate, he resigned from the bench in 2016 but remained on the supplemental list.  They have confirmed he is still subject to the same code of ethics as Magistrates.

Complaints about Supplemental List magistrates
5.105. If an advisory committee receives a particularised complaint about the conduct or behaviour of a magistrate in the Supplemental List, the complaint, if appropriate, should be investigated by the advisory committee in line with the process contained in the Complaints (Magistrates) Rules 2008.



Data Breaches

The ICO have yet to update on their investigations, I suspect due to the new GDPR rules that came into force this year.  A number of data breaches have been reported to them.


Charity Commission

The Charity commission have received a number of complaints and we are awaiting their findings.



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