Why did NWBB say Police & Crime Commissioner donated a bike?

A serious allegation has be raised regarding the following article relating to a donated Police motorcycle!


The allegation was formally made to the Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw who has stated on the above article that HE donated a police motorcycle to this charity.  Paul Brooks JP also categorically states that Clive Grunshaw donated the motorcycle to the charity.

It is understood that Clive Grunshaw as no legal right to make such donations and is is clearly suspicious as this was made to a charity whose chairman, Paul Brooks is an ex Lancs police officer, also a Magistrate and a Freemason.

Ironically, the request for information, made at the following link was responded to with a very suspicious answer.


Clive Grunshaw is DENYING making the donation and instead, saying that the Police offered to sell the motorcycle to the charity for Auction prices.

Something very fishy….

Why would the NWBB charity make us suck a false statement if what Clive Grunshaw is say is true, or, maybe Clive Grunshaw is lying to protect himself.  Either way, someone is lying…

A copy of the accounts has been requested from police and this post forms a request to produce the matching accounts from the charity.

What about other charities?  Why don’t they get donations from the same source.  This is public funds, the public should have a say he their money is ‘donated’ to a charity run by freemasons!


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