Further GDPR data breach, now the NHS has been notified

The North West Blood Bikes charity has been reported to the NHS after a second serious GDPR data breach has occurred stemming from Paul Brooks, former Lancashire police officer and Magistrate (resigned during a complaint).

The North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes handle extremely sensitive and confidential NHS patient data.   After a recent (and alleged intentional) GDPR and Human Rights data breach occurred, the NHS has been asked to consider revoking the North West Blood Bikes from handling any patient data.

The NHS has been instructed, as of immediately, to deny NWBB any access to specific peoples data out of concern that a minority of volunteers have failed GDPR compliance for data handling and by doing so, brought the charity into disrepute.

The charity refusal to hold the individuals involved to account is putting the charity at risk.

My Article 17 right to be forgotten request to North West Blood Bikes

North West Blood Bikes response and assurance of erasure.


In August 2021, North West Blood Bikes responded to a Subject Access Request.  The disclosure that they provided shows that they did not erase my date as promised and as legally required to do.

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