Tip Off that alleges Paul Brooks committed a very serious offence

This is a message sent to this website in February 2019 about Paul Brooks (centre in the photograph).

The sender has yet to be identified and, we suspect that he or she intends to remain that way. However, we are asking them to come forward and assist in a criminal investigation.

The Chairman reference in this message

I feel very strongly about an incident which goes against my principles. Our Chairman has done a terrific job setting up this charity and I have devoted a significant proportion of my time to it but a line was crossed and you were penalised unfairly. I know you are aware that Paul is a magistrate. Only a small number of people know that Paul made unofficial enquiries about your trial before it commenced and used his position to encourage a guilty verdict from his colleagues. I was relieved to hear that you were finally acquitted. I know that Paul was very disappointed of this final outcome and infuriated that you appealed the decision.


Consider the following facts.

  1. I was convicted of an offence I did not commit.
  2. The advocates in court were astounded by the Magistrate’s absurd verdict.
  3. The case was successfully appealed.
  4. I received a tip-off.

Now consider this.

  1. Paul Brooks is an ex-Lancashire cop.
  2. Paul Brooks was a Magistrate (at that time).
  3. Paul Brooks has since retired from the Judiciary prior to an investigation into his conduct.
  4. Paul Brooks has publicly confirmed he acted criminally against me in another incident.
  5. Paul Brooks had the motive and ability to influence the Judiciary
  6. A person who would appear to be close the Paul Brooks sent this message? (“our chairman” & “only a small number know”)

The police and judiciary were both not interested in the above due to the ‘tip off’ being anonymous.  Without a thorough investigation by the police or the judiciary, then this alleged serious criminal offence will go uninvestigated.


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