Paul Brooks

Charity Chairman, founder and member as he keeps reminding everyone.  Ho no longer reminds people he is a JP.  Paul is an ex Lancashire police officer & current Lancashire Magistrate. His is also (or was) a Freemason a fact confirmed by Scott Miller and Graham Jones (both also freemasons)


Scott Miller

Charity Trustee.  Scott is a freemason and has protected Paul Brooks (the charity chairman) from allegations of deceit and malicious communications as well as breaching the charity constitution.  Scott is know to lie quite a bit, most notably about a digital recording he made of a private conversation that he deleted to avoid having to divulge it.  He then made a story that his staff at his private company deleted (data breach as it should never have left the charity) he then changed his story again to say he dropped his phone down the toilet while he was taking a shit.  Clearly a man who should not be trusted.