This page is to allow you to speak up anonymously about North West Blood Bikes.

There was an anonymous request for feedback in the charity some time ago and there was a lot of concerns expressed anonymously that were brought to the attention of the committee.  I am led to believe that although you were asked for your concerns and opinions, very little was done to address any concerns raised. In fact, I am aware that the committee literally dismissed the concerns of most members who responded. ‘Who are you to question us‘ attitude.

This page gives you an option to raise any concerns publicly.  Use the comment section at the bottom of this page.

I recommend you use a false name and false email address unless you want to be known.  What you type will be show.  If you want a reply from anyone specific, just ask in the comment.

My only rule on this is that all comments relate to the North West Blood Bike Charity.

The Committee or anyone with authority to respond to any concerns can do so via the same method, i.e. by responding to the concern on the page or by email directly to me or the website contact page.


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