Defamatory article created by Magistrate Paul Brooks has been removed

An extremely defamatory article created by Paul Brooks, the Chairman of North West Blood Bikes has been taken down after 41 days in the public eye on their very busy website.

It is believed that the Judiciary were involved in this decision to remove the article!  We are told that Paul Brooks is no longer allowed to use the suffix ‘JP’ after his name, yet for some reason the judiciary found the Magistrate had done no wrong!

This is all we know for now, as apparently the victim in this has been threatened into silence be a confidentiality agreement that he did not agree to or sign.  It seems the Judiciary, namely Lord Shuttleworth does not want this open to the public and is trying to remove the victims Human rights to Freedom of Speech.

It is understood (but not confirmed) that Lord Shuttleworth is a Freemason.  If true then it is no surprise as Paul Brooks is(was) a Freemason and the entire committee and board of trustees are within this charity are secret ‘hand shakers‘!

A letter before action has been completed and will be sent to the charity in the coming days to claim for damages for the defamatory material Paul Brooks published and emailed to members, defamatory material that was deemed ‘acceptable‘ by Lord Shuttleworh for the conduct of a UK Magistrate.



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