More truths about Paul Brooks after Subject Access Request

A Subject Access Request (SAR) was made by Paul Ponting to NWBB-lL for copies of his personal data.

The Charity released some of this data of which, notes of an audio recording of a Charity meeting were disclosed.

Within the notes, and relating to Paul Ponting, Paul Brooks (the Chairman at the time) was recorded as saying

I wanted a last dig at the bastard

The full context of this communication has not been released and has again been requested pending referral to the ICO.

This derogatory and malicious comment relates to Mr Ponting after he was unlawfully dismissed from the charity (by Paul Brooks), highlighting the malice of this evil old man.

Paul Brooks is still believed to be a Magistrate in Lancashire, the judiciary has been notified.

In July 2021, the NWBB-LL charity admitted that Paul Brooks acted maliciously, unlawfully and criminally towards Mr Ponting.  The above comment validates the malicious intent of Paul Brooks towards what was a genuine volunteer of the Charity, trying to help the NHS.

More worryingly, the NWBB-LL Committee (at the time) buried these minutes and then went on to try and defend themselves and Brooks from legal action caused by Paul Brooks actions.  This cost the charity substantial funds, the claim was settled out of court.

Further information within the SAR by Paul Brooks is too obscene to be published and has resulted in a police report.  It will also result in an additional GDPR data breach claim against the charity.

Paul Brooks has never been held to account for his malicious and criminal actions, the charity still sees him as an appropriate member even though he has brought the charity into disrepute which is contrary to the Charity constitution.


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