Donors misled by committee member


Sources from inside North West Blood Bikes have been telling us about the deception by committee member,

Fleet Manager and Freemason, Simon Hanson regarding the donation of a motorcycle by West Lancs Freemasons.

Hanson, who is also listed at the Charity Steward for the Lancaster and district group of lodges and chapters ( allegedly informed the Freemasons that the bike they were donating, which has been named after the charities fallen colleague “Russell” would be based in Kendal. Hanson even went as far as telling a meeting of the North area riders that he had told the Freemasons this but the bike would actually be used by the Lancaster riders and based at Morecambe. The people present were asked to ‘keep this to themselves‘.


We are informed that the Freemasons have been made aware of the misleading information given to them by Simon Hanson and insiders within the Freemasons have told us that ‘immediate action‘ was taken and were told the issue would be resolved.

In an attempt to cover up this “slight indiscretion” by the Fleet Manager, a representative of North West Blood Bikes altered the rota to show the location of the bike as being in Kendal. We are reliably told that this bike is still housed in Morecambe and is for use by the riders who serve the Lancaster area.

Whoever did this change evidently failed to change all the details and have left the bike listed as being Lancaster on the bike list.

The Freemason brotherhood is built on values of honor and integrity. Hanson has seriously breached these values. Questions are now being asked about his honesty and trust within the Freemasonry network. Concerns should also be raised regarding his position of trust within North West Blood Bikes. We are aware of a recent investigation into how he shared emails with a 3rd party. This is not what is expected of a committee member, especially a member who holds the key to the largest proportion of the charities funds being spent. Has anyone ever audited his transactions or questioned why a particular dealer or make of bike is used? Are the purchases of bikes solely benefitting the charity or is Hanson himself in someway benefitting? These are questions we will try and get answers to although the network will close to protect one of their own, even if he has brought their society into disrepute.

Since this story came to light, others within the charity have come forward and offered further information.

The bike that is based in Barrow was also purchased through a donation from the Freemasons on the understanding that it was to be used in the South Lakeland area. Hanson has allegedly told members that he is “getting away with it” by placing the bike in Barrow as it would be travelling to South Lakeland. Members have also been told that it had to keep quiet about his deceitfulness. If there is no wrong doing, then why ask people to remain quiet? This is an admission that Hanson has acted knowing that his actions fall well below what is expected of him by his “brothers”

The Grand Lodge have been approached for comment.


Article submitted by an anonymous nwbbll member.

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