Evil messages targeted at children by John Turner

Let’s hope the charity is taking note.

John Turner, who is apparently a North West Blood Bikes volunteer. This is odd as no one knows him, well not by this name. There also appears to be another data breach as John Turner has referred to information that was provided confidentially to the trustees. This would show, on balance, that this information must have been released by the trustees.

John Turner has sent yet another menacing message. This time making reference to my children. Now, that was a big mistake!

Fortunately, I have been able to identify John Turner’s IP address as he commented about an article around 10 minutes after it was posted. Ironically, this idiot who felt the need to target me and my family was the only visitor to this article at the time he sent an email. What an idiot! This is the icing on the cake, with a ‘cherry‘ on top!

If a member of the committee or trustees would like copies of the emails with John Turner responding ‘on their behalf’ and also referring to my children so that they can carry out their own investigations, then feel free to get in touch.

We know that the top table like their members to be squeaky clean and not to bring the charity into disrepute, so they may want to investigate this fully and promptly.

The IP address is a Plus Net Account and the owner likes custom host names which has helped with the identification.

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