Harrison Drury Solicitors face GDPR Data Breach Allegations

It is no big secret that the North West Blood bikes charity are now running scared.

Rather than accept the fact that they have committed numerous offences backed by the ICO, they have instead paid Harrison Drury Solicitors a suspected large sum of money out of the charity funds in an attempt to ‘threaten me‘ to stop the legal action that I have started.

This will NOT HAPPEN and the threats only serve to prove how low the chairman, Paul Brooks, and his minions will stoop to cover what they have done.

This morning, I have been contacted by a private individual.  Another person that the charity have maliciously targeted.

What beggars belief is that this person has been given private and confidential information about me and my wife, this has come from the solicitors!

This has been reported to Harrison Drury as a data breach complaint and I now await their response before contacting the ICO. (see the latest on this here)

Ironically, the head of Risk and Compliance at Harrison Drury Solicitors is Richard Blackburn, a Blood Bike rider (BBR439) and he is also an ex-Lancashire cop.

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