ICO confirm North West Blood Bikes has breached the DPA by the actions of Scott Miller

Freemason Scott Miller has been found to have breached the DPA as confirmed by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).

Scott Miller said he accidentally ‘lost my personal data and confidential data‘ by saying he ‘dropped his phone down the toilet while taking a shit‘… (more like bullshit)

His first excuse before this was that was he handed it to individuals at his own private business who are not associated with the North West Blood bikes.  He blamed these individuals for losing it.

Only after this was reported to the NWBB as a significant data breach did the lying cockroach Scott Miller change his story, which, again was a breach of the DPA and he will pay!

This is part of the ICO confirmation letter of the data breach by North West Blood Bike charity trustee and freemason, Scott Miller!

The ICO have written the North West Blood Bikes regarding this data breach, instructing them to write to the victim within 14 day.  The was October 2018 and the month is now December and North West Blood Bikes have failed to undertake what is required of them.

Due to the nature of this breach and the intentional lies, we believe that Scott Miller should be asked to step down from the trustees as he has intentionally failed in his duty and brings the charity into disrepute!

Should Scott Miller be asked to stand down from North West Blood Bikes after his intentional lies and breach of the data protection act?


  1. They claim to have IT experts, but these experts can’t pull a file from a phone! If a phone was dropped down the bog, then a replacement will have been bought or insurance claim made, so can Mr Miller provide a copy of this receipt to prove the damage actually occurred.
    A bigger concern is the current committee are not acting to ensure the trustees are fulfilling their legal duties in protecting the charity from possible legal action being taken against them. Is it time for fresh faces to be on the committee? Out with the old and in with the new, who will bring fresh ideas and have a completely new approach and ensure the charity continues for years to come.

    • Yes, I will be requesting all evidence of damage to the phone and what attempts were made to recover my personal data from it. Not only that, Scott Miller will no doubt have a replacement phone so I will be asking for some evidence to show that he did replace his phone. doesn’t look too good for a company director breaching the DPA and lying about someones personal data. I have been advised that I can take civil claim against him in the county courts for this data breach so will be progressing this soon using the ICO review as supporting evidence.

      I just cannot understand why some people are such dicks!

  2. They need to formally write and tell me if they can recover my personal data or not. This will be a charity letter… with the charity go along with this lie by cockroach Scott Miller… I look forward to this letter.

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