Malicious Communication by Paul Brooks JP and ex cop

This email has been provided to me by one of my sources.  What it shows is a criminal offence committed by Paul Brooks, JP.  Yes, Paul Brooks is a Magistrate of the UK Judicial system and this offence is one of the offences he himself is believed to had convicted other for doing yet does it himself flaunting the law.

I have added my comments in red

Hi All

You may have received an email from this person and I apologise on behalf of the whole charity for that. P**********, was dismissed from the charity a few months back because he was found guilty of a Public Order Offence, which involved him punching a 16 year old, and he was later sentenced, which is a matter of public record for all to see.

I was convicted of a public order offence.  I did not punch anyone. This is a lie by magistrate, Paul Brooks!  Paul Brooks has intentionally and maliciously fabricated events that did not take place to damage my reputation.  He has done this to try to make the incident appear far worse that what it was!

For the record, the’16 year old’ approached me while  I was sitting in my car.  I was facing the other way. He got my attention, I turned, he punched ME in the face then robbed my phone.  I immediately jumped out of my  car and tried to grab his arm to get my phone, he again punched me then I was jumped on and punched/kicked by the lad and he mates and even his dad.  There is full CCTV of the evidence and at no time did I punch anyone but Paul brooks, a UK Magistrate has taken an incident and intentionally twisted the truth for his own malicious gain and my detriment. 

I will add that Paul Brooks, JP, correctly states it is a matter of Public record, but there are no public sources so my question is, where is this corrupt piece of shit getting his information from?

He has previously slandered Police Officers, Judges, Magistrates, Freemasons, etc, by calling them corrupt, the list goes on, because he hasn’t got his own way.

No, I haven’t slandered anyone.  What an utter lie.  Yes, I have spoken out against numerous people in numerous roles showing corruption in certain organisations.  My openness is backed by hard evidence, so no Paul Brooks, it is not slander (I actually think you mean libel.  You would think a Magistrate would know the difference between libel and slander!).  How can a ‘neutral’ unbiased magistrate make such unfounded comments. Paul Brooks JP is a disgrace and will soon be asked to leave the judiciary to protect UK law.


We have followed the rules of fairness with him to the hilt, he made a claim and was duly interviewed in the prescribed manner according to the Constitution, however when I reported him to the Police for his slanderous comments, their advice was to block him and ignore him, which I have done. He thinks people listen to him, but he has a very small following. I have received many emails of support form across the UK, from people and organisations he has had a go at before and he has already been convicted of slander, but has not learned. We are now considering taking legal action against him, so please ignore all his rants, he is an evil, angry individual and will be dealt with by legal means.

Another lie by Paul Brooks. They did not follow the rules of fairness at all! What they did, they ignored the Charity constitution, they ignored advice from the NHS and removed me from the charity for a minor ‘public order offence‘ which is acceptable in almost every workplace including the police, the NHS and other organisations. Paul Brooks and is bent sidekick, Lee Townsend fabricated a meeting and the minutes of the meeting as a malicious attempt to cover themselves.   Is this who should be involved in a Charity? Is this who should be a magistrate?

Notwithstanding this, the conviction is under appeal so Paul Brooks is acting sub-judice.  Each and every NWBBLL member has a copy of the constitution, I urge them to read it and speak out as there is no mention of this course of action for any reason.  Even after I complained, the Charity ignored me and only acted when made a legal threat as they refused to give me my expenses.  They make the rules up as they go along.  It was only after a threat of legal action did they then allow a meeting to take place and reluctantly gave me my expenses.  The meeting was recorded by Scott Miller who did so for my to have a copy then refused to give me a copy (excuse after excuse) then Scott Miller admitted he handed the recording to staff in his own private business who accidentally deleted it. After reporting this as a data breach, Scott Realised the error of his ways so lied with an alternative story how it was deleted.  This lies from his charity are unbelievable!

Please do take legal action, this needs to go before an upstanding member of the judiciary so they can see you Paul Brooks for the corrupt idiot you really are.

If you can block his email address please do, although he is a computer software engineer and may send emails in many guises, but they will all be the same.

Paul Brooks, I am not a computer software engineer, you spout 100% bullshit. Since when do you know what my employment status is. Why would you ask people to block me, what is he afraid of.    I urge you to NOT block me.  I will not send many emails, I will, send an email in response to the lies he distributes to you all.  Whether you like me or not, you need t oopen your eyes to how this charity is run.  It is looking like a closed shop now run by Freemasons.  All committee members NOT in tre Freemasons are being ‘dismissed’ for no reason. 

Thank you.


Yours in friendship

WFT, ‘yours in friendship’…!.  He is trying to kiss your ass. He knows he has done wrong and the media will be all over this.

Paul Brooks JP

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