More threats by Freemasons and NWBBLL

I have been notified of an email sent again, by Paul Brooks this morning (a lot of emails from members to me about this, thank you)

He is desperate to do all in his power to damage me in relation to my complaint against him and the Charity he believes he owns.

I will not back down, I will speak the truth and only the truth.  Some of my personal opinions are based on evidence and fact especially relating to the Secret Society, the Freemasons.

The Freemasons have apparently decided to take action against me… haha, what for? for disclosing that they are a secret society that has most seats at the top table of this charity filled with Freemasons and that is suspicious. What a  bunch of fools secret handshake fools, they will need to take action against every person would speaks out about them if this is the case!

But, for the sake of correctness, if there is ANYTHING on this site that is thought to be illegal or libel, then please let me know exactly what and I will review its publication.  Please do not say ‘dur, the whole site‘ as I will just laugh at you and delete your comments.  Now if you identify a specific comment on a specific page and your reasons or justification for an incorrectness, then I will give you 100% of my time to review the comment in line with supporting evidence and law, and will publish my response and reasons for any resulting action/inaction.

Ironically, I have a list of police in the Freemasons who are part of my complaint against them, now that Paul Brooks is a confirmed member of the Freemasons, (or was if this is to be believed), he has shown how he has contacted the police and the police advice, block me.  Even though they are aware of the illegal allegations against Paul brooks, they advise HIM to block me rather than police review the evidence against Paul Brooks. (malicious communications, fabrication of a meeting for his own personal gain, fabrication of meeting minutes for his own personal gain).

I also have a recording of Scott Miller disclosing all the Freemasons in the Charity and even discussing the Freemasons and the levels that can be reached in the Freemasons.  Scott open discussed how there were 27 levels in the Freemasons.  This recording was apparently accidentally deleted by Scott before sending me a copy but I have managed to acquire a copy via other means.

Any legal action will be defended and a cost award will be requested if and when the attempts fail.  Obviously, I will publish the entire legal action as and when I legally can (sub-judice, not injunctions)  The press will love this one.

I am aware of a possible EGM (Emergency General Meeting), I ask that any attendees record the meeting (anonymously).  I will provide a secure and 100% anonymous link to upload it to protect your identity.

Now, lets see how much money the Freemasons throw at this 🙂

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