No more trolls

We have decided that no further random rants by trolls will be allowed on this website.  If you want to remain anonymous and enter useful information or conversation then that is fine, but if you want to hide behind anonymity just to ‘get off‘ on trolling and goading then you are wasting your breath.  If you want to have a pop at anyone, that is absolutely fine but only if you have the balls to identify yourself, we will verify such posts.

For the benefits of the coward who identifies him or herself as John Turner and claims to be in a position to audit the North West Blood Bikes Charity accounts, we will not acknowledge any of your malicious rants.  We have, like you desperately insist replied to you (see the attempt below) but your apparent use of a false name and fake email address clarifies that you are, like the post picture depicts, a troll in every sense of the word.  If you want to debate in the open, you can start by providing your name and email by registering and logging in to post.

It will be interesting to see just how many cowards comment now!

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