Paul Brooks JP proved to have acted maliciously

My name is Paul Ponting and I was removed from the NWBB charity by the charity Chairman, Paul Brooks JP. This was because Paul Brooks was informed by a web troll that I had received a public order conviction for which I strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

I have now been acquitted! after initially being found guilty by Paul Brooks ‘buffoon’ colleagues!

Paul Brooks went against the charity constitution when he immediately dismissed me from the charity, which says that a suspension could be considered if the allegation was deemed so serious. There is NO provision in the charity constitution for instant dismissal.

I advised Paul Brooks that the conviction I received was wrong and that I had lodged an appeal.  Rather than listen to me or even discuss it, Paul Brooks, (a trained monkey magistrate), became judge and jury and dismissed me! (a kangaroo court some would say).  I would have fully understood it if Paul Brooks made a decision to suspend me pending the outcome of my legal right to an appeal but no, I received no support whatsoever from the Charity I had devoted my spare time to.

I knew I was innocent and that there had been a miscarriage of justice, but Paul Brooks told me that “his colleagues had found me guilty” and he even went on to email all blood biker members telling them that my claim of innocence was ‘utter nonsense‘.

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Really Paul Brooks?  Seems a ‘real’ judge has found you/your’re colleagues incompetent now making you look ridiculous!  Why have the trustees and committee not addressed the malicious action of the Chairman?

Not content with this, Paul Brooks then went on to change the facts and posted on the nwbbll official website stating that I was “convicted of assaulting a minor!” What a sick and twisted old man Paul Brooks is.   As an ex-magistrate and ex-police officer, Paul Brooks know his action constitutes criminal offences.

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this article remained on this very public website for 41 days.  I wrote to the charity informing them of the clear libel but it was ignored and the malicious post was left in place by the committee and even the trustees who have legal obligations.

For the record, I was wrongfully convicted of a ‘public order offence’ NOT assault.

My ‘crime’ was trying to apprehend a thief who grabbed my mobile phone from my hand while I was sitting in my car!

I exited my car and tried to grab the thief who backed off, I moved forward and again tried to grab him.  At this time I was punched in my face then jumped by 3 people.  I was kicked and beaten by the thief and his father who was acquitted of any wrongdoing by… Paul Brooks colleagues!

Today, 11th October 2018, I attended Preston Crown Court for my appeal.  The conviction was OVERTURNED

The trial was heard by a Crown Court Judge and two magistrates. The court viewed the evidence and determined that at the time I was assaulted by my attacker and my phone grabbed from my hand, my actions were reasonable and justifiable in an attempt to apprehend the thief.

This is a far shot from Paul Brooks comments stating that I “assaulted a vulnerable child” which was intentionally malicious and wrong.  How could any  ‘magistrate’ come to such a conclusion without seeing any supporting evidence?

Paul Brooks was clearly not happy as he became aware that I was in dispute with Lancashire police because of a previous wrongful arrest, assault, unlawful detention and malicious prosecution.  Paul Brooks is an ex-Lancashire police officer.

Paul Brooks clearly thinks that no police officer or magistrate can do any wrong.

Well, this proves Paul Brooks JP to be wrong.  He is a malicious and twisted old man.

On 19th September 2018, I was awarded £35,000 compensation from Lancashire police for the injustice above and received a letter of apology from Lancashire Chief Constable.  I am not anti-police, I am anti-police brutality and corruption.

When I was a volunteer in NWBB, my line manager, Martin Walsh was fully aware of my ongoing police situation, he assured me the charity supported me.

Now I am acquitted of a miscarriage of justice brought on by Lancashire police.  I have also received a letter of apology from the Chief Constable of Lancashire police as well as £35,000 in compensation for the incidents against me from 2014.

I am formally requesting my immediate reinstatement of my voluntary position in the NWBB Charity.

After all, this email from Paul Brooks makes it clear this was the reason for being removed so I guess I should be re-instated as a matter of course?

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I am also asking that Chairman Paul Brooks JP, to step down for bringing this charity into significant disrepute.  While acting as a JP and as the charity chairman, Paul Brooks intentionally caused me harm by defamation and malicious communications which is currently under investigation with his colleagues at Lancashire police!  Lets see how the protect him.

I will add that Paul Brooks has supported other Blood Bike riders from acquittal from the judicial system.  Why didn’t he support me?

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I am seeking damages of libel from the Charity.  Remember, the trustees and committee ALL allowed this defamatory article to remain and it is their fault that a claim is now in progress. Shame of all those who participated.



  1. I can confirm that all members received emails from Paul Brooks telling us to ignore Paul Ponting and telling us he was convicted of assaulting a vunerable child. I 100% agree that Paul Brooks and the current committee should stand down and let the charity move forward in a transparent way.

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