Suspicious charity collections and masses of funds

Ask yourself this, why does North West blood Bikes need so much money?

£200,000+ in their account…

This ‘voluntary’ service has no paid staff.  They are all volunteers.

All volunteer riders have their own private motorcycles & now this includes private cars.  They do not get paid and are not funded.

All deliveries between hospitals are done by volunteers who have their own motorcycles, yet the charity spends tens of thousands of pounds for ‘brand new’ liveried Blood Bikes that are not required and even then, only a ‘select few’ are allowed to ride them.

Shiny bikes only have the single benefit of ‘blue lights’.  Riders are not allowed to use these blue lights unless specially trained yet the bikes are still used for routine delivers covered by volunteer bikes.

Even Lancashire police have been ‘caught’ giving away police motorcyclesunlawfully‘!

Even trained riders are only allowed to use blue lights in exceptional circumstances. (occasionally abused though)

Those that are selected to ride these unnecessary bikes need to have an advanced rider qualification.  They pay this themselves.

All controllers work from their own homes, using their own computers and mobile phones.

All fuel for volunteer bikes is paid for by themselves, they can claim it back but most do not.

All maintenance for volunteer bikes is paid for by themselves.

No charity funds is given to support the volunteers for such things as protective clothing such as boots, gloves, jackets, helmets, GPS tracking.

No payment is given to the volunteers for use of motorcycle, especially expensive tyres which can require replacement after as little as 4,000 miles.

Volunteers do get a ‘high vis jacket’  and a blood bike high vis bag…. which they MUST pay for before they can be a volunteer.

The North West Blood Bikes only recently took on business premises.  This is predominantly to home the shiney new bikes they do not really need.

This over the top HQ is fully air conditioned and professional fitted?  Not sure the charity needs such extravagance.   I know of other charities that have huge donation funds but do not even pay for internet access to keep the costs down on expenditure.  Staff happily use their own mobiles and data.

So, what do they need all this money for… this is a charity run by volunteers.  The charity has nearly a quarter of a million pounds sitting doing pretty much nothing and they still want more!

One thing they appear to be using this public money for is to pay Harrison Drury Solicitors (linked to BBR439 Richard Blackburn) to make threats of legal action in an attempt to avoid accountability for the ICO backed data breaches. shame on you!  What is it when people will simply not accept they have done wrong and then pay a solicitor lots of money to make threats, this even includes threats against my wife who has absolutely nothing to do with this!  Unjustified threats of legal action can amount to harassment!



  1. Dear Sir, I would wish for you to answer a question. Can you simply confirm the following? Is it not true, the only reason you have went on to attack our charity is because you was sacked for your involvement of criminality against a child. Whilst you were a blood-biker you turned a blind eye ??? How many issues raised on this website were “issues” while you was still a volunteer??? At least have the minerals to admit that you have started this attack because you was sacked, while you was still part of the team none of it mattered did it, where is your integrity?

    • I have allowed this comment even though it is a troll. This is pretty clear that I am being attacked by someone in this charty against making false allegations that was started by Paul Brooks. No, I was not involved in criminality against a child you sad moron, the ‘child’ was CONVICTED for an offence against me. I was not convicted of anything and have NO criminal record. Regarding your other brainless comments, when I volunteered, I did not question the ethics of the charity, this only came to light when Paul Brooks had a go at me. That is when I did some digging and uncovered how corrupt this managers of this charity are. Rather than be a troll, why don’t you use that other brain cell and do a little research like I did, even someone with your intelligence could see what is going on, or do you prefer just jumping on a bandwagon. Next comment will not be published, fake name. fake email and fakie IP. haha, you coward haha

  2. “Scott” how can you possibly have read all the evidence on this website and still believe the lies you are being fed from the committee and trustees? If only the faithful followers would wake up and smell the coffee instead of blindly believing. Yes, it’s an horrendous realisation that the people you trusted to run the charity in the best interests of its supporters and volunteers are in fact doing the opposite.

  3. If the charity is so innocent, why did the judiciary strip the chairman of flaunting his JP status he sent out every 2 fucking minutes. Why did the ICO say the charity have breached the personal data of a volunteer. why did paul brooks say the volunteer assaulted a child when he know that was a lie.

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